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Daun Sirih fluoride-free toothpaste 150g


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Directly from Indonesia: Daun Sirih 150g is a unique toothpaste with a particularly mild fresh taste and gentle foam formation based on the extract of betel pepper leaves (Piper betle).

It naturally has an anti-inflammatory effect, without the addition of fluoride, The antibacterial effect of this toothpaste against caries pathogens is at least 3 times better than that of a toothpaste with approx. 1440 ppm fluoride (based on sodium fluoride). This statement was confirmed by the independent Institute for Product Quality Berlin in the investigation report ifp # 14/90595 & 54692 from August 29, 2014.

The pasta helps against germs that cause and plaque reduced unpleasant halitosis, It maintains dental health and is permanent HALAL certified, The antiseptic effect of Daun Sirih toothpaste is based on the water extract of betel pepper leaves. The effectiveness of the aqueous extract from the betel pepper leaves against plaque has been scientifically confirmed since 2006 at the latest.

  • fluoride-free and has a natural anti-inflammatory effect
  • gentle foaming
  • works with an extract from betel pepper
  • proven to be 3 times more effective against tooth decay than fluoride toothpaste
  • Contents: 150ml

Taste: mild fresh

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 1.5 in


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