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News & Updates

Do you know what’s BOGO??
If you don’t then we have this great news for you, BOGO = Buy One Get One Free, which is what we are offering to you from today till Nov 30, 2020 on any Smooze products.

20% OFF for all of our cookies; Don’t miss this chance to gift to your love ones or enjoy it yourself !!

Online Only from Nov 16 – 30, 2020.

🤡🤡**Halloween Promotion Inside !**👻👻

We understand the current situation, so there won’t be any Trick-or-Treat activities this year😭; to cheer you back up. We think that shipping the candies to your love ones will be the least that we can do. Therefore, we have a 2️⃣0️⃣% off for any Kopiko Candies and Beng Beng Chocolate Wafer for you. Promotion valid from October 1 – 23, 2020.

Act fast or the trick will come to you !!

Dear friends of Takari,

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone so far, and the global lockdown over the past few months has forced us to slow down and find ways to adapt to the “new normal”. It has been a period of re-learning and thinking “outside the box”.

In this spirit of self-reflection, we thought it would be a good time to look back on things that we have done lately, and revamped our E-commerce site plus more, to better serves all of our beloved customers as well as how they relate to our new perspectives.

From the Takari’s archives, we are delighted to share with you a short video to showcase with you about what we have to offer below:

In addition, Takari International, Inc. is proud to announce that we are celebrating our 32nd Anniversary in this August, therefore, we are throwing a 20% off coupon code (takari20) to anyone purchase over $100 on our website to make everyone excited and happy with us.

While U.S. is widely considered one of the biggest victims from the Covid-19, but against the odds, we will continue to serve everyone of you online and offline.

We Hope You the Best, Stay Clean, Stay Healthy and Be Strong Together !


Takari Team.